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What is Professional Custom Development?

Professional Custom Development is a service enabling you to get exclusive images developed in strict compliance with your requirements and for your projects. And you can freely use them at your discretion (you can sell, license them and so on).

Can I use a picture for commercial purposes if I have used Professional Custom Development?

Yes, you can dispose of designed pictures at your discretion: sell, license, include into other image archives for getting a profit.

Are ordered pictures exclusive?

Absolutely. Our artists design every picture strictly in compliance with your requirements.

Will the pictures ordered and paid by me be used by you in the future? Can they be resold to anybody else?

No, we do not distribute and resell pictures created for the customers who used Professional Custom Development, but we keep copies of the sources for the event if the customer somehow loses his copy.

Are the developed pictures Royalty Free?

Yes, you pay only once when you order a picture and then you have the rights to dispose of it.

Can I give technical requirements in addition to description of the picture?

Certainly. All images are developed in strict compliance with your desires, both technical and content. the picture description form contains all parameters that we need for development. you have to give them. you can also give additional parameters which are not included in the form.

Can I ask to remake or complete the picture if I want to make some corrections in the picture that has been already designed by you?

Yes, you can, but not more than once. Please be careful when preparing requirements and descriptions of the picture. If you have not described any image element, the artist will create it at his/her discretion.

Can I ask to draw another picture or change anything in my descriptions?

No, If we receive such changes after starting the work. Please make sure that your descriptions of pictures are as close to the desired result as possible. Please note that variants of the same picture are paid for as an absolutely new picture. For example: if you have ordered a middle-aged man, with a beard, in a baseball cap and jeans jacket, sitting in an armchair, but after some time you want the same man, but without a cap and standing by this chair, this new pictures will be paid for as absolutely new.

How complex is the picture in details?

First of all we orient at your description. All details included in the description will be taken into account and included into the image. The standard price envisages a picture created by a professional artist within 1 1/2 hour. Pictures with similar detail description can be found in our gallery.

Can I order not just a clipart, but a logo or mascot?

Yes, you can, but this will be the development corresponding to the notion “clipart”.

Can I order a corporate logo?

Certainly, please contact us and we will discuss this.

How soon can I get a ready-made ordered picture?

Immediately after receiving a confirmation of payment we start our work. If we have any questions, we will send you a letter with our questions and indicate the term by which we will send you the ordered image. For example: one ordered picture on the average is made within 24 hours after receiving all required descriptions from you, but not exceeding 72 hours. the production time directly depends upon the quantity of images and their content.

Do you give any discounts?

Yes. Is you develop an image archive and need more than 50 images we give the following discounts:

50+ ...........5%

100+ ...........10%

200+...........20% us

What is Free Custom Development?

This is a service enabling you to have one picture developed under your descriptions and requirements in exchange for our link on your site.

What is the difference between Professional Custom Development and Free Custom Development?

Professional Custom Development guarantees you exclusiveness of development. Such pictures will not be placed by us into any other archives, including our free gallery;
Guaranteed and rapid completion of the order: 2 hours and more per one picture;
Opportunity to update once any of the ordered images, if necessary to make changes that are not included in the description;
Gives you full rights to dispose of this image;
You can order one and more (unlimited number) of images basing upon description for each or upon description for a set as a whole.

What are the features of Free Custom Development?

We have limitations as to a monthly number of developed images;
Obligatory condition for free-of-charge development is a reference to our site from your site;
We reserve the right to deny development of the picture;
Time limits for free-of-charge development: 2-5 days;
You can order only one picture;
The finished picture will be placed into our archive and others will be able to use it;
Upon sending the finished picture to you we will keep the title and copyright as to this picture;
You can sell, license or get any profit from this image only after getting our written consent.

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